Ramen a Fav???

This is a picture of Waliacha's favorite dinnner. I have HATED these things since college!!!!! (Cooking in my dorm room in that mini crock pot with hardened noodles from the night before) icky icky icky - not good memories!!! :-p
I swear he would eat this every night if he had a choice. And he always eats them from this huge white plastic mixing bowl (not sure what that is about?!?!?!?).
Some days he adds meat (any kind of cooked meat will do) and other days he swirls a few eggs into the soup after it is heated up....
I say YUCK!!!!! But, I also say "WOW! Cheat dinner!!!" These are like 20 cents a piece at WallyWorld!!!
Anyway, he was all excited that I was having a salad for dinner and he could happily eat his soup (he specifically requested one beef packet and one shrimp) - not sure if this is an aquired taste but whatever!!! Easy and quick dinner!!!!!!!!!! LOL


  1. So I have to admit, I eat Ramen but only about once a month. I used to hate it but the hubs knows how to doctor it up and it really tastes good. We only buy the creamy chicken though.

  2. My son that is in the USMC loves these things and would eat them for every meal!! Thank God they are so cheap!!! Blessing from Georgia!


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