Hibernation Over - New Year!!!!!!!!


It has been soooooo long since I posted! Although I cannot tell a lie - I have not posted but I have kept up reading your posts...just nothing to say over the holidays I guess. I do hope everyone had a happy and blessed Christmas and New Year!!!!

I can't believe after all the prep and hype the holidays are all over!!!!

WOW!!! Today I am back to work in the office and it is a killer! It is soooo hard to get your head back into the "game" after a wonderful and much needed break!

It has been snowing like crazy here in PA and I, for one, have now had enough!

I dread having to put on my snow boots and go start the car and clean off the snow and ice from the night before and then drive into work behind people that ride their breaks in the snow and ice...what is that about....makes me crazy!!??!???

I did the routine above this morning at 6AM and do you know what I found out??!?!? A new snow and ice scraper can make all the difference. Yes, it was still cold and yes, I still do not enjoy the wet, cold, snow but WOW I love my new scraper!!! This is not a paid endorsement (believe you - no one would pay me to endorse anything) LOL!!! But this thing is the greatest - I almost did not get it because I thought it was too big and clunky but it is great!!! If you live with snow - do yourself a favor and get this scraper!!!!!!!! I foudn mine at Home Depot for ten bucks!!

It telescopes to long length to clean off the entire top of your car from one side.

The brush moves to horizontal position and clicks in place so you are pushing snow instead of brushing it sideways.

Other than snow - nothing new and exciting. Waliacha still has not worked (cant work in the snow on roofs), work is getting busy and crazy (God knows I love it though-keeps me sane), kittens are fine, diet is finally back on track (too many treats and carbs over ther holidays) and trying to stay upbeat and hopeful about the new year even though a little sad (post-holiday blues syndrome)...Talk to you all soon!!!!!


  1. Girl - The diet is back on here too! HARD CORE!

    Best of luck to you in the new year!

  2. I am glad you are back! I missed your cute little blog!


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