Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!!!! Two more pounds down!!

Woo Hoo!!!! I spent the afternoon after work working out...I did treadmill for 1 hour and then Zumba and Bodysculpting classes. Got home and I am down two more pounds.

List of why I am now happy to be single.....
cooking for myself at a normal dinner time
no longer dating an idiot that is SELF CENTERED
no longer dating an idiot that is NEVER there for me (bailed on Baptism/bailed on family vacation/changed week at the beach to week at his sisters house/faked sick for Thanksgiving/started a fight to not have to hang with me at Christmas/NEVER once compromised on ANYTHING-dinner at ten, etc.etc.etc)
no longer dating a lying jerk that pretends to be compassionate and caring and is in reality only interested about himself!!!!!!!!!!
Life is again beautiful!!! Gonna keep working on myself and ALL MEN can GO SUCK AN EGG!!!!

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