Thursday, January 22, 2009

No class last night

Well, I was all settled in at the gym for my two classes last night (BodyPump and Yoga) when they informed us that the sub-instructor was stuck in traffic in Greentree (about 15 minutes from the gym). We all waited for `1/2 hour then decided to go to the cardio machines until she showed up. Well, needles to say, she NEVER showed up - what's up with that?!?!?!? I had to do my whole workout on the Eliptical and Treadmill. That is how I used to work out and I forgot how much fun working out had become with the classes. Anyway, I am now just excited for the CycleSpin and Core Explosion classes tonight...bring them on!!!!
Since I got done early at the gym I was able to get to the St. Anne's 12&12 meeting last night. It was great!!! I had not been there in soooo long and the sympathetic idiot did not show which made it EVEN BETTER!!!!!!! Woo -Hoo!!!! Good meeting!!!!
That's all I have for today - tonight is a BIGGGGGG night...
1. Weigh in for fat club
2. Two classes at the gym
3. Erin is getting her two year chip at St. David's
4. Watch Lost which I taped last night
5. Take pics of the bedroom (really I am going to try to remember) :-)
I will report in tomorrow!

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