Monday, January 19, 2009

Strike two...and're out!!!!!!!!! I lied! I still have not taken any pics of the bedroom yet.
On the same sick/twisted/cathartic note that I have been dwelling on for weeks now - HE came over Thursday and we talked about how to make it work. Then he was supposed to come over Sat night and called to say that he was feeling sick and tooo tired after working that day. Mind you I had spent the past two days driving him to pick up and drop off cars since his would not start and also jumping the stupid cars when they did not want to run. I know, I am a moron right?!??!? All in the name of love...then he cancels Saturday night and I am stuck going to a potluck mtg alone and then home. That is the last straw. Strike two and three combined. NO - we cannot make it work - he is lazy, self-centered, depressed, he has NO interests AT ALL and all he does is work approx 15 hours a week and sleep the rest of his life away. Althoth - in his defense he is definitely clinically depressed and needs medication. Hopefully he will recognize this and get help (we also talked about that).
So, in the meantime - MOVE ON!!!!!!! I need to let this go sooo badly! A friend of mine said to me yesterday...."you just can't let this go hugh?"....and I almost laughed. She is the person who just moved an unemployed, cronic relapser idiot into her house and pay his way in life rather than be alone! That's when I said "okay - time to move on" I will never get like her!!!!
I am good enough, smart enough and dog-gonnit people like me!!!!!!!
Back to the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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