Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Over the hump day!

Well, my new addiction is Zumba. I look like I'm having a seizure but it is sooooo much fun. On mondays, there is about twenty in the class but on Tuesdays there is only me. Well, let me clarify - there had been only me. Monday I met Lynn and she promised to come last night so I would not have to Zumba alone with the instructor and she actually showed!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!! Not that I mind a private class but anyone that has done Zumba will tell you it is wayyyyy better when there are others that look like they are siezing right along with you! It was sooooooooo much fun so thanks Lynn for showing up at class!!!! Hopefully she finally found her keys and jacket too - I will find out tonight!
Well, tonight is the big preview night for LOST!!! Again Woo-Hoo - I have been waiting soooo long it better be worth it. I will be going to the gym right from work and then home to settle in and watch!!!
Maybe even finally take those promised pics of the new paint in the bedroom...I will try to remember :-)
I would like to point out that I have not whined about HIM lately but I would not DARE share my thoughts about what I would like to happen to him!!!! Lets just say I am not to the point where I am praying good things for him. LOL :-)
Remember, I am only responsible for my actions NOT my thoughts - THANK GOD!!!!!

Oh, and on a happy note...CONGRATS to my sponsor Donna on 2 weeks and a day without a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great night all and I will post again tomorrow!!!!

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