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Wednesday HodgePodge

Hi all!  First a BIG thank you to our Hodgepodge Hostess, Joyce!! 

Hodgepodge Questions-Volume 279 If you want to join in on the Hodgepodge, hop on over to From This Side of the Pond, grab the questions, write answers on your blog and then go back to add your link. 

1.  Are there any men or women in blue on your family tree?  None that are currently living but many, many great Aunts and Uncles that served our country.

2. Are you someone who suffers from the Sunday night blues? What helps you get over it?  No, not really. I try to enjoy each day for what it is WAY to short to stress over a day of the week! 3. I read the color blue is an appetite suppressant since there are very few naturally blue foods out there. How do you feel about blue cheese?  I LOVE IT!!!! I could eat it on everything! Salads, burgers and alone!Love it or blech?If you're a fan, what's something you like that's made with blue cheese?  Huntsman cheese is amazing! It is cheddar cheese wit…

Week 5 - Weigh in Wednesday

Hi! I hope you are all having an amazing week so far!! I hope everyone enjoyed their August as much as I have also! However....soooo not ready for Fall and Halloween yet :-)

But alas....we cannot stop time and ...

It's that time again! I am still weighing myself everyday and I have decided that, for now, that is A-OK! The scale is moving in the right direction week after week finally!

Time for Weigh in Wednesday!

No cheats again this week! I hit 20 pounds lost this week and I have decided to hold off on giving myself some little reward...not sure when I will now...maybe at goal! HA HA Do you reward yourself at all??? So, here I go!

I started on July 24, 2016 and have lost 21.2 pounds since then.

From last Wednesday to this Wednesday I have lost 3.3 pounds. I seem to be pretty consistent with the approx 3 pounds a week?

I have been watching. measuring and recording everything I eat and making sure to get at least 10,000 steps a day and drink my water! This week I have also fou…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. It's National Waffle Day (August 24th)...what decision are you currently 'waffling over'? (or share one you've recently 'waffled over') Buying a new home. I own a condo but when my family comes to visit there is just not a lot of room. I would love to have a large house with room for everyone!! Gotta keep saving! 2. It's the middle of August, but I'm already seeing lots of autumn-related posts. Do you think we rush the seasons? If so, does that bother you? I saw (here) an end of summer bucket list that included-

make s'mores, read a new (or favorite) book in the park, eat something delicious and bad for you at a state fair, be a tourist for the day, have a pot luck picnic, book a last minute summer getaway, relax by or in the pool, take a hike to watch the sunset, have a day on the lake, try a new summer recipe
Which activities on the list might you squeeze in before summer officially comes to a close?  We definitely rush the seasons way to …

Week 4 - Weight in Wednesday

Hi! I hope you all have had the most amazing week so far!!

It's that time again! What has now become my favorite day of the week! I wish I could quit weighing myself everyday and just look on Wednesday but I cannot. I am so afraid it will start heading in the WRONG direction one day and get out of hand. Anyone else do this?  I will keep working on that!

Time for Weigh in Wednesday!

No cheats again this week! When I hit 20 pounds lost I am going to give myself some little reward...not sure what yet. Do you reward yourself at all??? So, here we go!

I started on July 24, 2016 and have lost 17.9 pounds since then.

From last Wednesday to this Wednesday I have lost 2.9 pounds. I wish it were more than that but I will take it!

I have been watching. measuring and recording everything I eat and making sure to get at least 10,000 steps a day and drink my water!

Please, won't you join me and this check in to stay accountable!? Let's build this up and keep each other accountable!…

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Link On Up

Joyce asks the questions. We answer the questions. Click here to join the fun!  1. I read here four creative activities to try this month. They were-calligraphy, make your own cookbook, dance or learn a new type of dance, and letter writing. Which activity on the list appeals to you most? Will you add it to your August?  I LOVE dancing! Zumba is my favorite however, I make a point of dancing to music in my home alone whenever possible!! 2. Bertrand Russell is quoted as saying, 'To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.' Agree or disagree? Explain. I LOVE this quote! If I am interpreting correctly that is. To me this means that if you never have to WANT and WAIT to get something, you can never truly appreciate it when you get it. Kids today have this problem a lot! So many kids I know get and have everything they is hard to appreciate anything now days. Kinda sad really....      I can remember waiting MONTHS to get a certain new toy a…

Week 3 - Weigh in Wednesday

Hi! I hope you all have had the most amazing week so far!!

Any new exciting news anyone?

Please share in the comments field below as I need excitement through others right now! LOL!

Okay - onto why I am here today! Time for the second installment of Weigh in Wednesday! I missed the second week (which should have been last week because I was on vacation)....not to worry though! I am back with week 2 this week and ready to make this consistent!! Yeah! Also, I mentioned that I was on vacation...I DID NOT CHEAT AT ALL!!!! Yes, you read that right!

I went to the beach for the first time in July and ate everything you are supposed to while you are on vacation (ice cream, fattening dinners, seafood with butter and breading, fudge and sticky rolls for breakfast) so this time I decided I did not get to indulge. I did so awesome and came home feeling awesome! I did not cheat ONCE! Whoop! I think this is finally the time I keep it up and hit goal weight! Yippee!

So, here we go!

I started on Ju…

Happy Birthday Baby Sis!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on the planet! My little sister! I love you always and forever!  You are my heart and I am so blessed to have you for a sister! Happy birthday sis!!  Please know that you mean the world to me and I could not have chosen a better baby sister! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSIE! I LOVE YOU!!

SH Vacation 1

Hi everyone!!! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!!!! I have been and now it is time to get caught up! But, first, thank you all for your blog posts while I vacationed - LOL! I was too lazy to blog on vacation so I read everyone else's while I hung out in the sand and surf. It seems like you all had a wonderful summer too - and are just simply not as lazy as me! HA

Well, here goes catch up from Beach vacation #1. As we do every year I went down to Stone Harbor, NJ with my family! I love it there - it is definitely our GO TO vacation spot!!!.

Here is the view from the condo!!! Nothing short of glorious!

Little beach view...does not hurt having a lifeguard doing his push ups in the picture either!

Here is just some our our crew...My Mom and Dad, sister and nephew!

Santa was in town!!! Christmas in July! It definitely helps keep the kids in line - LOL!  

The puzzlers...Mom and two sisters...

Saw a beautiful rainbow while we were in iPhone did not do it justice!…

Week 2 - Weigh in Wednesday

Hi!  am posting this to catch up. I was on vacation last week and could not access internet to host Weight in Wednesday.

I want to make sure to post the loss up to that point for my historical record.

So, here we go!

I started on July 24, 2016 and have lost 7.8 pounds since then.

From last Wednesday to this Wednesday I have lost 3.2 pounds

I have been watching. measuring and recording everything I eat and making sure to get at least 10,000 steps a day and drink my water!

Here's to health!!! Happy rest of your week!

Won't you please come and join in with me? Simply grab the button above and link up with me next Wednesday!

Tell me more about YOU!!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Mine was good.

I am back to work now after another vacation and it is sooo hard to get into the groove of work?!?!? UGH!

I started this blog about 5 years ago to document my not very exciting love life and fitness journey and I have done exactly that. I have tracked boyfriends, holidays, weight loss and weight gain and also made so many great friends!

I really love each and every one of my followers and would love to learn more about you. So, this is get to know YOU day!!! If you are reading this....PLEASE comment below with the following answers...

1. Your First Name
2. Town and State you live in
3. Favorite Movie
4. Favorite Book
5. Favorite Food
6. Favorite Drink
6. Favorite Type of Workout
7. Type of Work you Do (Even if its in the home)
8. Favorite Vacation Spot
9. Where do you want to live when you retire

Thanks for taking the time to allow me to get to know YOU better!!! I can not wait to read everyone's answers!  HAPPY…

Stone Harbor Trip 2-Day 1

Hi everyone! I am so happy to let you know that I am officially on vacation at the beach! I drove late last night to get here and this was the scene when I arrived at 3 AM in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.  My family has been coming here since we were little kids… This is by far my favorite place on the planet!   This is the first daylight picture! I took this when I got up around 8 AM .  Ahhhh...   My brother and his family will be up tomorrow. Today on the beach it was just me. I took my chair down and my towel to lay on my stomach. I have my own little area set up for about two hours and then this family came along. Someone almost put their chair on my leg… Way too close for comfort!  This was my lunch! I have shrimp at the beach?  And this was also my lunch… It was peppers and mushrooms sautéed overheat. It was so good! I even have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!    I spent a lot of today reflecting on this quote… I really and truly I am so blessed today. I have A family like…

Baby Bird Landlords

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is have a great week so far.

Mine is pretty busy with work stuff but I can not complain! I am so very happy to be blessed with a good job When I know many people are struggling.

Tonight after work my bluebird team for Wildlife Sustainability is going to replace about 6 nest boxes. The boxes are for bluebirds to nest and hatch babies in. This year on our work campus we fledged about 70 babies!!! YEAH! We have 6 boxes that are in horrible disrepair and we will be trying to replace them today so I should have pics for you tomorrow. We will be fighting rusty screws I think - HA!

Also, tomorrow begins my next beach vacation so I will be sure to post pics daily from there too!!!

I hope you all have a great week!!!

Please Don't Allow Me to be the Only One At My party

Hi guys! How are all of you this week? I am pretty good! Life is okay and I am feeling back on track.

I have jumped right back into the dating scene on Plenty of Fish (POF) and Tinder but that's a whole other post! LOL

I have gone on a few dates and also have had to say goodbye to a few guys...I am kind of realizing that maybe there is no one out there for me and I think I am okay with that too. :-)

The best thing recently is that I am back on track with my weight loss. I have had so many re-starts lately but this is it! I am feeling really strong and ready to do this thing once and for all!

I have got to lose about 60 pounds to get to my goal weight at this point. But I will re-evaluate when I get close to see if I need to lost less or more. I am simply going for healthy and also for a weight that I feel good about myself at. So, let's tackle the weight thing first and THEN see which knight in shining armor comes into my life.

Sound good?

Want to join me?

Pleasssssse say yes?…