Top Two Tuesday

Come on over and link up to Taylor and play Top Two with all of us!!!

Top 2 Things You Splurge On

1. Pedicures:

I try to hold off as long as possible in between but it is sooooooooooo hard!!! I probably go every other week to be honest!

2. Opi Nail Envy:

This base coat hardens and protects your nails! It is expensive but it is soooooo worth it - if your nails are brittle and break easily you should seriously try it!


  1. I need some Nail Envy bad. I will have to go to Sephora and see if they have it! My nails break all the time.

  2. I never get pedis, but I'm having a girls' weekend with my mom and sisters next weekend and I can't WAIT to get one!

  3. love pedis and I need to get that nail strengthener!


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