Taste Tasters - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I will actually combine a few in this....
I have lots of pictures to post....yeah!!!!!!!!!!

This is Theo - it is a friend of ours' son and he is such a peanut....This was taken at a picnic we went to a week ago.

Here is Waliacha (Walt) at that same party....playing with the Camel puppet...and people wonder why I LOVE this man!!?!!?!!

This is one of our favorite couples to hang out with - they are sooooo much fun and we get together and just laugh and laugh!!!!!!!!
Here is a picture of a place where I led on Wednesday....very strange....we are all used to meetings in the basements of churches....but this one was at a mall.....very interesting!! Great group of people in Charleroi!!!!!!

And here it the title of the post!!! I got this card to call a number and get free Red Robin food to help with training the staff.......sooooo yummy!!! Here is when we went.....last night for date night and we took our favorite couple with us!!! It was awesome!!!! Best burger ever.......and free!!!

This is a horrible picture of me but I have to post as we got to pose with the Red Robin!!!!!! Yeah us!!!!!

And here is our favorite couple....they brought us a huge piece of chocolate ice cream cake to share also.....sooooooooooooo yummy!!!

Another icky one of me and Waliacha....I hate myself in pics....hope someday that changes (my hair is definitely growing again though!!!!) getting a little longer!!!

Anyway, that's it!!!
Thanks Red Robin!!!
We WILL be back when it opens on May 10th!!!!
And we will pay.....it was that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have not eaten there, you should - it was soooooo yummy and the staff is sooo friendly!!!!!!
And no, this is not a paid endorsement...but I would not turn down free food!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ack! That was a fun hodgepog of posting! I love it! I have never been to a red robin, how sad am I!?

  2. Where does your husband get his unusual first name?

    They just opened a Red Robin by us. It's the only restaurant in the new complex with Bass Pro Shop and the new movie theater (along with some other stores). I'm sure the wait is always really long to get in there.

  3. Hey Ann, thank you for your encouraging comment. I love your blog it is so pretty. I love pretty things. Have a blessed day!


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