What up people?!?!?!?

What up people?!?!?!? Just checking in with my little space on the internet highway...making sure things are good!!!
I am soooo psyched...last night my old-fashioned ipod shuffle (the long white ones that look like a flashdrive)bite the dust - kinda sad but I got a new Nano and I love it already!!!!!!!!! It's purple and great!!! Loaded it up with Pink and Katy Perry....love it!
Also, we have this program at work that is called maintain, don't gain. We weighed in before thanksgiving and then today to make sure we did not gain the holiday 5 or 10 lbs and I found out that I lost ten!!!! WOO - HOO!!!! How can the day be bad!?!??!?!
I am still in a debate in my head but I may be attending my first single club mtg tonight...going to the gym and then going to decide if I want to do the 7:30 mtg or go to the singles mtg....not quite sure yet.......I'll give you my decision tomorrow.
Also, I will post pics of my awesome bedroom that I just re-painted and the furniture - I love it - purple walls and white furniture!!!!!
Have a happy/safe/and fat free night!


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