OK GOD - I GOT IT!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!! Tried to go to a noon mtg that Walt is NEVER at and who is there but "sleezy" - then I decided to be a bigger person and stay and just sit on the other side of the room from her and not say anything to her at all and wouldn't you know it.....in walked Walliacha!! He even parked next to my car - evident when I got to the parking lot to leave!!! UNFREEKIN' real!!!! So i went through the kitchen and left and took a long walk with myself and the man above...now I am just enjoying listening to his crying messages over and over again!!!!! This is ridiculous!!!! I am trying to switch meetings to not see him and apparently I just need to find mtgs far far away or something!!!!!!
Anyway, I got the message.....I am definitely moving on....now if I could just have a few days without seeing him that would be helpful...at least unless he quit THAT JOB NOW (which is possible) he should be "working" dropping people off tomorrow.


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