Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm back

It's been awhile and I have no excuses except I have not felt like writing and posting for a while.

Now I do...I hope this keeps up! LOL

Let me start catching everyone up. I guess I should start with the 4th of July...wowsa - get with it Ann!

Here goes the recap of my 4th celebration..

Every year at my parents house they have a boat parade for the 4th of July holiday. We entered last year and again this year - the theme for both years was Waikiki!

We decorated the pontoon boat and got the kids and adults all dolled up in their Luau gear and off we went! This is a picture of two of the kids dancing on the boat ...their version of the hula - LOL!

This is a shot at the house before we got onto the pontoon!!! Soooo stinkin' cute my nieces and nephews are!

Here is a shot of the boat from the side with my brother in law on board...

Little selfie with my girls!!!

My oldest nephew was old enough to drive the jet ski without an adult this year...awesome but sure makes me feel old - ha! Here he is in all his glory!

Little shot of some of the crew before the parade again...

The! They hated the bras!

My sister skiing...she does not get to make it to the lake as often as I do so she was in her glory and I think had a great weekend of fun and family!

The 4th was great for me and I hope also for you! I got home in time to watch fireworks with my baby this year, which was awesome, so all in all it was truly an amazing holiday!!!

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  1. I've been a bad blogger too. When ever I try to get on the internet at home it's so slow I can't do anything.


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