Friday, July 6, 2018

Welcome to Friday!!!!

Today I am joining all the fun parties below...

My five things are the five things that I will be doing this weekend ...

ONE: Paddle boarding! Since I purchased a used paddle board I am obsessed! I cannot wait to get up to my parents house to paddle! I am getting more and more comfortable each time I ride! And I think it is a great ab workout! We broke the used paddle that came with the board already so I am also excited to use the new paddle I just got on Amazon.

TWO: Pontoon Parade! Every year we enter the annual Lake Mohawk Pontoon Parade on 4th of July celebration weekend! The lake decided to celebrate the weekend after rather than before so we are in for an awesome weekend! The pontoon parade is Friday night so we will spend the day Friday decorating the boat and floating in the lake! The kids love to decorate the pontoon and dress up! This year we are trying a construction theme and it is looking like it is coming together perfectly! Last years is was a tub and shower! LOL!

THREE: Floating on a raft any spare moments! I do not know what your weather is where you are but it is predicted to be another weekend of 90 plus degrees in Ohio and Pennsylvania so I plan to spend as much time as possible floating in the cool lake behind my parents house!!!

FOUR:  Spotting new skiers! All five of my little nieces and nephews (from 6 to 11) have learned to ski this year! It is so awesome to watch them learning and they love every second of it! I am the official spotter and either Mom or Dad drives. Their mother stays on shore as she is a nervous Nelly! LOL!

FIVE: Fireworks! If you read my last post, you saw I got to watch fireworks in my neighborhood while laying in bed! Very comfortable! LOL! The fireworks for Lake Mohawk are on Saturday night. I think my Aunt is also coming up to watch with us. I am sure it will be awesome! We usually float on the pontoon in the middle of the lake with a bunch of other residents! So FUN!

I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend regardless of whether its a holiday where you are or not! Love yinz!

Do you love fireworks or could do without? Any skiers out there? How about tubing or paddle boarding? I am looking for tips and tricks!?


  1. I would love to paddle board, it looks like so much fun and like you mentioned a great ab workout! Celebrating on the weekend is such a good idea. I wish all holidays would be celebrated like that, it would be so much more enjoyable. It sounds like you have a very fun and full weekend ahead - enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Kellyann!!! Have a great week! Hugs


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