Tuesday, July 17, 2018

October 2017 - My time in Toronto/Mississauga

I was blessed to travel for work for the past two years.

I spent time in Michigan/Indiana, then Toronto (Mississauga)  and then Kansas City, Missouri.

I was way too busy with work to be able to blog then but I experienced so much!!! Now that the travel is over; I have decided I need to go back and document all of the cool things that I was able to see and do while traveling.

So this is post #1 - This is from October 2017 - It took about a month of being in Mississauga, Ontario to find these really interesting things!

A real phone booth!!!

A float! This is a real thing there...you float in water with earplugs and in complete darkness...naked!!! I tried it once but all I could think about is the fact that they don't change the salt water with each person - ick, right?!?!

My very very favorite restaurant in Mississauga called Pho Tai Loi!!! The most amazing food you will ever eat!!! It was hidden in a little strip mall that was full of authentic Thai - truly amazing!
The one time I drove home instead of flying, I stopped by Niagara Falls on the way home (Canadian side)! It was awesome however I was surprised by how truly commercial it all is now! I was there really early and there were already tons of tour buses and lines of people!! I just parked and ran to the falls for a few pictures and back to my car within an hour-too many people for my taste!!  Here are a few pictures of that!

This is one of THOSE people that fall over the falls...even though there are a million signs that say don't stand on wall or railing...there is always one or two - LOL!!!

 A view over the side....amazing!

Loved it there!!! (Excuse my thumb)

Zoomed in over the falls...

I promise I will recap all the exciting places I went and give some kind of time frame around them if possible!!!

Anyone else even been to the Falls? American or Canadian side? Anyone get photos on rail? LOL!!! What was the most commercialized place you have ever visited?


  1. That's how I felt the first time I went to the Grand Canyon. TONS of people all gathering around taking pictures. If I ever get back in shape I'd like to go down into the canyon to really experience it.

    1. I have never been to the Grand Canyon! I would love to do exactly the same thing! We will be back in shape in NO time!!! Hugs


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