Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trim Down Tuesday #4

Hi everyone!!! I hope you will all join me today for this week's Trim Down Tuesday!

This is week #4 and I am headed in the right direction! It was a good week this week! I watched all week and only had a few cheats over the weekend with family. By cheats I mean; on Sunday I had a Reuben and french fries and an ice cream cone at the ballpark. Not too bad since I watched all week and did barre almost everyday!   But other than that I watched really well and again it paid off!!  Another win for fruits and veggies and hummus!!! HA!

Here is my update...

This is my fourth week!!! Last weeks weight was 223.4 and as I write this I am at 221.4 yippee! I am down 2 and I will happily take it! I did great all week with watching what I ate (aside from those few cheats on the weekend) and I did barre every night except when I was away for the weekend.


Please join me and maybe we can be stronger together?!?!?! How did you do this week? What were you strong in and what could you tweak for next week?


  1. Way to go! 2 pounds in a week is great.

    1. Thanks Patti! I am really happy the average of two a week. I don't feel like I am totally restraining myself so it is going well!! Have a great week!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Julie! Its not a lot but at least it is headed in the right direction

  3. YEAY, Ann! You remind me of blog friend Sandra who divorced sugar in early 2017. She's an amazing success story - with the help of TOPS: Take Off Pounds Sensibly.
    I'm giving myself 'til August (yikes … that's tomorrow!) to get back on the Adkins/keto regime.

    1. Aw...that is so sweet to associate me with a success story :-)
      I am heading in the right direction-finally!! Thank you! Make sure you join in the weekly fun in August!!! You don't have to weigh in or anything - just share your tips and tricks with us!! I would love it! Have a great day and hop to see you back in August!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa!!! I have to admit - the Reuben was amazing! LOL! Have a great day!


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