Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ipsy July 2018

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great week so far!

I have been meaning to show you my Ipsy bag for July and since the month is almost over (WHAT?!?!) I figured today needs to be the day!

Here is the unveiling...Everything comes in a super cute bag each month. This month's is really cute!!!

Just a reminder from Ipsy - it's July...HA!

A Little tester of Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream...I have not tried this yet...I will keep you posted after I do.

A HUGE sample of Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof concealer. I do not use concealer so I think this will be gifted to my Mom or one of my sisters.

La Beaute Fatale a very bright color...

I will give this a try...I will also keep you posted on how I like this product.

A little tester of MintPear Night Serum...

And lastly, Sage nail polish. Not so hot about this color either.

I think I need to go out to Ispy and fill out my profile again as it seems like I am getting some colors that I am not to fond of....although I have to say I am happy that I did not get an eyeliner or a brush this month! HA! I have received about 25 eye shadow brushes from Ipsy. HA!

It is always fun to get a gift from yourself every month so I will definitely keep it up. It's a fun little surprise for $10 a month. 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!!

Anyone else get Ipsy? Anyone else overwhelmed with brushes or eyeliner? What products have you gotten that you love?


  1. I used to do ipsy & loved getting surprises. I got to the point though where I was getting a lot of things I could never use. I wonder if the profiles really matter.
    PS - I love that nail polish - try it for something new :)

    1. Hi Rebecca Jo!!! I agree with everything you just said! I have quit twice since I got so many eyeliners and brushes and started handing them out tho friends and nieces - LOL! But I missed the little surprise each month and I love the little bags! I will definitely try the never know what looks good until you try it on! :-) Have a great day!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I don't wear makeup anymore and rarely polish my nails so it would be wasted money for me. Years ago I subscribed to something similar and kept getting things I would never use, including perfume which I can't wear because of scent allergies. I think I did it for 3-4 months and stopped it. Spend that $10 at Walmart or Target and get something you like and will use!! My unsolicited advice!! I'm an old fogy now!! :)

    1. Terri: Definitely not a old fogy! Great advice! I think I just get too excited when I get a box in the mail to quit I give the extra I don't use to my nieces...LOL! Have a great weekend!!

  3. I don't wear much make up but my kids would probably like it

    1. Hi Julie! Yes, my nieces get one too each month...they usually end up getting half of my stuff - LOL!

  4. I would try Ipsy, but I'm pretty set on my makeup routine. (Once I find something I like, I hardly try any new products.) I don't think I have any friends or family that would appreciate me gifting them makeup either. I hope they respond to your updated profile and give you colors that you like. That would definitely be important to me, too!

    1. Yes Annette! I agree - I am very set on what I use so sadly, I dont try a lot of what they send me! I do enjoy the cute little bags each month too...or maybe just the surprise but I have stopped and started again many times - LOL!!!


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