Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Polar plunge!

Wow! Has it really been that long since I posted here!?

I have been away in a little re-focus mode ... Refocusing my diet, food choices, and life choices. What I HAVE been doing is keeping up with all of you in the meantime- that means you...Sara, Julie, Kelly, Michelle,etc. etc, etc.

So, thanks for keeping me checking back and I will try to sum things up.

I think I hit a little personal wall per say. I was working out every day and then coming home to a quiet house and eating my loneliness away each night. Not good recipe for weight loss. Then I feel sorry for myself for being alone but take no action to even meet anyone new. I finally made a decision to get serious about the food intake and exercise at the same

I am happy to report that by working out daily, not eating ANYTHING after 6pm, and logging it all into each day; I have lost over 15 pounds and am back on track!! Whoop whoop! Finally!

Also, I am feeling good about me and feeling very open to men and possibilities should they present themselves. I am done with any man that is not what I am looking for....I want someone to share my life with not someone that needs trained on how to be a good or decent boyfriend, etc.

So, moving on,I will again begin blogging my exciting life...ha totally kidding but it feels sooooo good to be back!

Last weekend I participated in the Pittsburgh Plunge for Special Olympics. I signed up with a few other hundred people to jump into the river behind Heinz Stadium to raise money and I did it!! It was strangely warm out that day (about 50 degrees-compared to the normal 30s for this time of the year) but the water was a freezing 39!!!!!! Took your breath away, literally!! One more thing off my bucket list! So, here are the pics from the weekend...
This is me and Jaden. Jaden is the son of Becca that was killed a few months ago. I wrote about it in an older post. I have been hanging out a lot with him and his his Grandma...he is such a sweet boy!! They came to watch me jump in the river!
This is the crew, minus Rose who also came down to give me moral support! I have the worlds best friends! This is me, Jaden, Kimmy and the Pittsburgh Parrot that snuck up behind us!!
This is a picture of me that they got from the jumbotron screen of me on the way out.....really, really cold! I almost feels like your heart slows down to nothing.....kinda scary! I wore my fluorescent yellow to make sure they could not miss me.
And finally, I will leave you with my favorite decoration of the holidays! My nieces and nephew got me antler ears and a Rudolph nose for my car- LOVE IT!
Hope you all have wonderful day!!
Be kind and spread love!!
Can't wait to chat tomorrow, I missed you all!!

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