Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas prep

Today I completed a little Christmas prep.

Every Christmas (and some Easters) I make hardtack candy. My mother made it all the time when we were kids and it was always my favorite so now I make it a tradition. The recipe is HERE if you are interested.

This is a photo of the completed product. I made anise, wintergreen, cinnamon and clove and packaged it all in these cute little treat bags from Hobby Lobby. They turned out adorable! Thanks Hobby Looby as usual!!

This is my tree all lite up...Love it! Finally went back to a real tree this year and I am sooo glad I is perfect!

And this is a new decoration this year. I got these on clearance last year after Christmas and they are my new looks soooo cute with the stencil on the wall!

Nothing new to report on the exercise or man categories. Will be going on a date soon with someone new....we shall see....not getting excited....time will tell. Worked out tonight at Southside again, the instructors are sooo good there - I got in a hip hop class and Zumba so I a set for the night.

Off to bed! Happy dreams all! And happy Friday!!







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