Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fun day with a good friend

I spent the day with a work friend that I truly enjoy hanging out with! We make these trips down to the strip district in Pittsburgh about every other month and it is always so much fun!!

This is just a picture as we were walking to the legendary Wholeys to buy some fishes!! Yum! It looks yucky outburst was actually about 55 degrees and just quick rain at 8:30 am as we were driving down....the rest of the day was rain free and awesome for December in Pittsburgh!

This is my lunch!! Amazing! We at at Bright Pho Van on Penn Avenue. It was rice noodles and chicken (our server said it is the Thai version of chicken soup). It was served with a plate of sprouts, lime slices and Thai basil you could add-seriously sooooooo yummy! I had half of my leftovers for dinner tonight and the other half will be tomorrows! Did I mention huge portions too!?!?
And then we stopped into the always popular arsenal. They make cider wine (the Santa Cinnamon) is not on tap. Although I do not drink, apparently this stuff is awesome! You should check this place if even just to see the is pretty amazing and historical.

All in all, pretty great day with a good friend!

Thanks for hanging with me Jenna!!


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