Best run time yet!


It has been a productive day already.

I took an early lunch and hit the gym for my fastest 5K run yet (31 minutes and 39 seconds). It helps that I keep getting lighter...I can totally tell when I run...easier and easier each time. I am down 5 more pounds from last week...yippee!!!

Had to work out early as one of my best friends is taking me to the movies and dinner for my anniversary! I am clean and sober for 16 as of this Monday!! Feels like yesterday....I am soooooooo grateful!! Thanks to the many that have helped me get here!! It was not alone that is for sure!!

Hope everyone has an amazing day....I am off the get my tootsies rubbed, buffed and painted....happy anniversary to me! HA!

Happy weekend y'all!!


Ps- yes, I am still tanning.......I am soooooooo weak!



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