Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Decorating in Harrisburg

Hi all and Happy Monday!
Just writing to post some great pumpkin pics from the past weekend...
The first one (cute green pumpkin) is my work pumpkin...I did it myself!!!

You gotta love it, hugh?

The next two are the ones that the kids and I did tpogether in Harrisburg...Jessica did the spider in the web...Matt did the skull...Jessica's friend Logan did the smiley face....and I did the cat (suprise hugh?)

Oh my, and the best part of this post....first let my start by saying "I remember when Jordan was just born" cut to present day where Jordan is WORKING - yes WORKING!!!! Up early EVERY Saturday morning and answering phones for the car dealership....check her out - I AM SOOOOOOOO PROUD!!!! WOO HOO! Ain't she just soooooooooooooo cute! I got to go pick her up at work Saturday afternoon...WOW I am getting old!

Gotta get to the Hope meeting now....TTYL (I am getting good, hugh girls?)

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