Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New to Blogging

Hi! I have decided to start blogging so that family and friends can keep up with my hurried and hectic, full life. Ha-Ha!

Only partly kidding...I just quit smoking a year ago, started exercising, lost over 50 pounds and starting dating someone new.

Things are"A-Changin"!!! Anyway, a friend of my sister's has a blog for her family (recently gave birth to quads) and after reading hers realized what a great way it is to keep track of progress and growth in our lives. Not to mention post pics and share with family and friends. So, hopefully this is just one of the MANY posts soon to come!

I ran the Great Race in Pittsburgh (10K) last Sunday with my mom Janet, sister Kerry and niece Jessica. We all finished. Out of the four of us; Jessica was first with 1:04:12/Kerry second with 1:11:51/mom third with 1:12:04/and me bringing up the rear with 1:14:02. However, just a year ago I had been smoking for 20 years so I am quite proud just to have made it across the finish vertical!!!! I will post pics as soon as I have them.

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