Monday, October 6, 2008

Hi all!! It's Monday again - back blogging after a fun-filled weekend with my brother at my parents house. Hung out at the lake and had a day long campfire (anyone who knows the pyro in me knows that I enjoyed that) and then went to Uhrichsville, OH for Aunt Kathy's birthday celebration. It was a fun time for all - especially Aunt Kathy!!

Got some race pics to post - the first is me nearing the finish and the second is mom (also nearing the finish). Sadly we did not finish at the finish line in that order - I was definitely last out of the family - HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

Oh, and also, I got an adorable e-mail from my sister since they took my niece Kyleigh to the pumpkin patch and farm this weekend in Columbus, she not the most amazingly adorable and sweet child you have ever seen?!!??!?!??!?

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