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Hi Ya'll!!!!!! How is everyone out there in bloggy-land?!?!

I have a new obsession!!!!

I am so in love and I can't stay away!

I went for the first time on Tuesday night and I have been back every night since!

It is Pure Barre!


From the studio, to the instructors, to the many adorable customers, to the friendly and cute space!!!

It is great!!!!!!!!!

Anyone that reads this blog probably remembers that my favorite gym (that I attended nightly, EVERY NIGHT, for three years closed last year) I was so sad and have felt no real connection to a workout or gym for a long time. Well, that's now all changed!

I am attending the one in Peters Twp and it is fabulous!

I tried it out on a two day free pass and signed up that night!!!

They were so perky and friendly and explained everything so well...I can only HOPE to someday look like those girls!!

It is a great high energy, low impact, and fun fun fun class!

I will have more updates on here for sure but I had to report in!!! 

I h…

Thinking out Loud

I have decided to link up with a fun Thursday post by Running With Spoons called Thursdays are for...Thinking out Loud!  I am really good at random trains of thought so this should be one amazing post - Choo Choo!

It is Thursday and it has been a long week! My baby leaves tonight for the beach in Florida and I can't go! He has a house down there and has not been able to escape and get down there for a few months now. Things are slowing down in him company and are under control so he is finally able to get away from work long enough to head down. He leaves tonight and won't be back until the end of next week :-(
It is going to be above 90 degrees everyday that he is there...and he has a pool you can't see in this picture...yes, I am totally jealous and totally wish I could retire and go there!!!

I only have a little vacation left for the year so I am saving about five days to head down with him later in the year! Hopefully when it is snowing here in Pittsburgh! Cute house isn…

Date Night Laughter

I love a good date night with my honey!

Last night we decided to try something new and went to dinner and a comedy club here in Pittsburgh!

We live in the suburbs so it is a treat to spend the evening in town - I forgot how amazingly beautiful our city is at night too!!! I did not take a picture as I was trying to enjoy every moment with my man and he is not a "Facebook-ey kind of guy" but I pulled this amazing example from Flickr!

We spent the evening in a place that is refereed to as the Riverfront. It used to be a bunch of abandoned Steel Mills on the river and the whole area has been transformed into a shopping, dining and hanging out mecca!! There is also a trail you can run, walk or bike along the river!  Seriously, if you are ever near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania you need to check this place out! (Again, not my picture but a good representation of what the shopping area looks like).

We went to dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market! It was amazing as always!!! I had fresh …

May StrideBox

The May Stridebox did not disappoint! It is now time for June and I realized that I never posted my review for May...oh, well! Here we go friends!!

Here is the list of what we included in this months box of JOY!

 I cannot wait to try this! I thought I was going to need this after my 5K last week as I was sore before the run but I held off - saving it for a more painful finish!!! HA HA

Tried this the morning after I opened my box! It was not good or bad. I could not taste a difference in my coffee and I did not notice more energy buy it may work - just not sure :-)

These babies were DELISH! Ate these on a training run last week! Chewed up very easily and slid right down - yummo! Flavor was outta sight!

I will try these at a later date also!

Ate this and a salad for lunch one day! Kept me full all afternoon - very yummy!

Cannot wait to try this on a training run soon - have not yet because citrus is not a big favorite of mine and I have other options right now - ha ha!

I am completely in L…

Pittsburgh's Best Restaurants Party

Anyone who knows me knows I love my city! This is just one of the many reasons why!!! Pittsburgh has so many amazing and inventive restaurants and chefs - it truly is an awesome place to dine!

Every year my friend Jenna and I attend the Pittsburgh's Best Restaurants Party! This is put on by the Pittsburgh Magazine and readers are the ones that vote for the best! It ends up being tables upon tables of all of the amazing food that is available in and around the city all in one place!

The winning vendors are asked to select two dishes to sample for the public and tickets are sold to raise money for charity. The tables are set up around Heinz Field and you just go from table to table and taste the amazing cuisine of each restaurant! So Yummy!!!!!

There is VIP time from 5 - 6 and then the public time for 6 - 8. We always purchase VIP! They are a bit pricey but it is so worth it!   There are FAR less people and no waiting at all in lines for food. It is casual and fun and (did I say) yummy…

Amazing Weekend - Color Race Recap

What an amazeballs weekend I had!!! I got to go spend the weekend with my sister and her family and we ran the color race together in Hershey on Saturday morning!

Here is me before we left for the race - we forgot our striped socks but I never forget my fanny pack ever!!!!!! This baby is with me every race! We had a start time of 8AM (since we were in the runners only corral) and we had t leave at about 6:15 AM to get to the race early. This was right before eating my English muffin and bolting out the door!

Here we are in the start corral!!! Lots and lots of people!!!

A little shot of my sister Kerry and I (I am on the left) and another of or little jogging group of three! I am on the right in the photo below and my sister is on the left. Her Zumba instructor and friend Diane is the girl in the middle! They were soo fun to run with (I slowed them BOTH wayyyy down and they were still nice and polite to me)! HA

This is about 1 mile into the 5K...we hit the yellow color station!

Then we ca…

What a Great Weekend!

This is going to be a post in pictures... This was my Holiday weekend!!

Went for a little run outside - love the current weather here in Pittsburgh!!

Worked in the BF's yard ...

Chilled with the BF in the breezeway!!!

Watched the grape vines grow - cant wait for those concord grapes!!!!

Went up to my parents house on the lake! Spent the weekend kayaking, boating, jet-skiing, and fishing with my adorable nieces and nephews and the rest of the family!

Gathering the worms for fishing!!!!...

A little campfire action!!!!

Our little Diva hooking her own worm!!!!!!

 Waiting for the fish to bite...

Paddling and steering the kayak for the first time

Cleaning the driveway after the kids did pop caps...

 A little selfie with one of my cute nieces

The beautiful lake!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend!!! Get ready for this one!!!! Yea it's Friday!

Happy weekend everyone!

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