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Lets start today's post off right!!! Who knew that this awesome man would be singing last night on the Basketball Game!?!?!? I HATE basketball and it came on in the background when I was occupied doing something else.  All the sudden I heard this awesome voice sing two songs and it made my ENTIRE night!!! WHOOT WHOOT - LOVE KIDROCK for life!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an update on the marathon training schedule...I am officially into  week 13 and I have my longest run this Saturday and then I get to taper back for two weeks!!! YEA ME!!!!

 I did the 18 mile run on Sunday instead of Saturday this past weekend. This is me after the run below.  I live in Pittsburgh and it was sooooooo windy and cold Saturday and I knew it would be 50s and sun on Sunday so I switched it. No biggie except that 5 mile run on Monday suffered because I was soooooo sore and tired with no rest day between the long run and the next week training.

 This is where I did my 5 miles on Monday - fun right?!?! It was rainy and it hurt soooo bad and I was so tired but I powered through and finished 5! Yippee!! Today is my off day and I have a massage scheduled!! Cannot be happier!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

 This is just a small sampling of what I planted this past weekend! Only one of the seven planters I completed this weekend!  I love flowers and herbs and COULD NOT WAIT to get things planted this year! I did tulips and daffodils and all kinds of herbs. After spring when the tulips die I will dig them out and add more herbs!!!!!!! YEA!!!!

And finally I will leave you with this shot below. My sister got my nephew a pet tadpole (to watch grow into a frog) for Christmas. The frog was delivered and lives in the clear box on the counter (see by the cats tail). As you can see, their cat discovered the tadpole this AM. My sister is hoping the cat leaves it alone and allows it to grow and flourish...time will tell!!! HA HA  PS - my adorable nephew named his tadpole "Tad Bunny Boy"....how cute is that!?!?!?!?

Hope yinz all have a wonderful day!!!


  1. ahhh that's why you haven't updated in a little while. All that running! GO ANN GO!!


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