April Birchbox

 Here is the cute little box that I love to see arrive each month!!! If you have not looked into Birchbox yet, you can do so HERE.  It is $10 a month.  Out of my boxes that I subscribe to, this has become my least favorite but it is still fun to get - it's just that the others are a little more fun and have much larger product samples.  Gotta be honest right?!?!

Here is the card that lists everything enclosed...

This is energizing shampoo...can not wait to try this. I LOVE anything minty for my hair.  Maybe even enough for more than one wash?

Then some skin perfecting liquid. This is also a decent sizer sample this month.

This cute polish. I am going to try this on my toes for my next manicure. Love this color.

 Then I got this cute little compact. This is cheek and lip color. It is a cream. I will probably only try this on my lips.  Cute packaging though-never hurts that have a half naked man on your product!! HA

And lastly, a Kind bar. This is beauty sample box so I get thrown off every time they include food. I actually got chocolate last month.  I get the whole beauty comes from the inside out thing but I don't really want food samples in my beauty box....maybe its just me?!?!

 So, that's it.  If you are looking to send yourself a little present this month....here it is.  I love all the subscription boxes - I am WORTH it!!! HEE HEE


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