5 on Friday

TGIF!!! That means its that time again!!! YEA!!

Time for 5 on Friday with  ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha and you should too! 

Here we go!~

ONE:  My run yesterday!! I am sure that this time looks slow for a lot of people that run but for me it is actually pretty great! Especially since I have been icing my knees lately because of slight pain. Not horrible pain but enough the really be annoying when training for a marathon!! The entire run was completed without any pain - yippee!!!  Two more weeks of long run and then two weeks of shorter runs till the marathon - I GOT THIS!!!!

TWO:  Speaking of icing...this is my ice pack at work!!! HA HA!!! Wont be eating these edamame beans anytime soon!!!

THREE:  I built this bathroom shelf unit last night! I got it from Amazon at a great deal! They had it on sale for $119 and I ended up scoring one that was "used". From the description it said the box it came in had some damage and it would be sold for half that so around $60. If you know me at all, you know I am CHEAP!!! I got the beat up one and it came yesterday! One tiny chip on the top and one tiny crack on the INSIDE of the door that you cannt even see! SCORE me...saved over $60.
It took awhile but it is sooo sturdy and thick - I love it!!!

FOUR:  I am absolutely obsessed with our Pittsburgh Bald Eagles nest! The bald eagles built a nest (over 6 feet wide) in Hays right outside of the city of Pittsburgh. A camera is attached to a nearby tree and zoomed in on the nest.  The bald eagles laid three eggs and within the past few days all three have hatched. It is sooo cool to watch via live stream - it is up on the internet 24 hours a day and is free!!! I love this sooo much! You can watch real time as they feed the babies and scare away predators (one archived video of dad scaring away a racoon) - it is soooo cool! Here is the link to the LIVE FEED. Check it out - if you love nature you will thank me! My nieces and nephews are as obsessed as me!

FIVE:  This is my night tonight! I am heading down to the Pittsburgh Convention Center with a friend from work for the Tekko 2014 Convention. It is a comic book convention where adults dress up in comic costumes and visit. My friend is dressing up as a character and I actually helped her make parts of her costume (Swords, blade holder, etc.) all of out foam and spray paint. I PROMISE I will take pictures for you guys and she PROMISED me that there will NOT be any Furries here! I have heard rumors about those conventions and hope to not run into any of them! HA HA

Hope yinz all have a fantastic weekend!! ENJOY SPRING!!!


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