Mothers Day Weekend

Sorry I am posting a little late but work was crazzzzzzzy busy yesterday and had lots to do last night at home!
Mothers Day weekend
was an awesome time with family and it was sooo much fun!!!
Any time with family is fun and this was no exception.

Here we go.....

First you know when you are driving in Ohio when you get stuck behind the following for 20 minutes in a no passing zone...

The next photo was when I could actually finally pass - yippee and instead I decided to move to the left lane to get a better picture.....LOL!!!! Apparently someones family is headed out for a fun night at the races!!!!!!!! I just LOVED that they all matched!!!!!!!
This is the adorable Kyleigh holding the adorable Madelyn!!!!!!

and now kissing the adorable Madelyn (was she this sweet to her own brother and sister you ask??......NO!!) LOL

The sweet little Ryan (Twin One)...
and sweet little Aly (Twin Two) (they are getting big wayyyyyyyyyy to fast!!!!!!!!)

Annnnnnnnnnd the woman of honor for the day.....Mommy!!!!!!!!!! This is Mom with three of her grandchildren!

Kyleigh with the coke glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could she look more serious?!?!?!?

And a closeup of the newest edition to our family - Madelyn!!!!!!!

This is Kyleigh with her makeup and hair fixed...we were doing a test run for her dance recital in a few weeks and did not even know if we could curl her hair or not. It fell out quickly but it should last long enough for the show!!!! Sooooo cute but looks wayyyyy to old with her makeup!.....

Not sure what this silly face is but how cute is this?!?!? She make the most hillarious faces and says the cutest things now we all just sit around and laugh all day! What a joy the little children are.....and the grown children!!!!!

And another of my Mommy with just two of her grandkids!!

I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!


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