Baby Birds Soon!!!!!!!!

I am a member of the wildlife Sustainability Team where I work.
Basically what that means is every year we get two blue bird boxes assigned to us to monitor for new nests, eggs and babies.
We record all the information in a database and it is such a great way to get a little escape and relaxation at work.
This year I have the same boxes that I had last year.

If you read the older posts, you will see that we had eggs and baby chicks last year but they never fledged.....something ate them :-(
Such is nature....however, hopefully, this year that has been remedied! We added a nail to the latch system so if it was a racoon that got in, he will not be able to get in this year!! YEAH!!!!
So , here is a little photo journal of what I found last time I checked my boxes....Tuesday of this week!
This is the nature walk at work...about 1/4 miles down this path is where my blue bird boxes are. They have cute signs all the way to let you know where you are, milage, etc. The whole way around is a little over a mile.

This is just a view up ahead as I was is soooo pretty down here...never know you were at work!!!
They also put in these signs along the way with exercises, etc. to do while you walk.....sooooo awesome.....this company really supports employee fitness and wellness!! Love it!

Here is what I saw in my is hard to get the camera in the box without disturbing the eggs so this is as good as the picture gets....

This is a blue bird nest!!! perfectly made....neatly...using only straw...nothing else....beautiful, isn't it?!?!?!

This is the box that had the eggs...the other one had a wasp nest that I proceeded to clean out.

And this is just another view of me walking to other direction on the path......
love it my my company!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How cool! I was sitting in the courtyard at work the other day. There are a ton of nests up in the "rafters". I saw a crow take of with a baby bird. It was really sad hearing the other birds freaking out.

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