200th post!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of my 200th post and my new ability to accept and now LOVE my new SHORT haircut...




I am doing a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!


I am giving away a can of my NEW favorite hairspray!

BIG SEXY HAIR hairspray.
Not only does it have an amazing name it works great for hold without being horribly stiff and icky! LOL

I have not used hairspray for years and now with this new haircut I have to!!! I hear it works great for poofing long hair also!

If you want to have a chance to win....
You get one entry for commenting on how much you like this product or if you have never tried it before
You get a second for becomming a follower!
You get a third by linking to this giveaway on your blog.
I will randomly pick a winner on Friday so come back to see if it is you....I will then give you a day or so to send your address and your prize will be mailed right out to you! If I do not hear from the first person, I will pick another and so on and so on...

I hope at least one person enters...LOL - if not, I have hairspray for a lifetime :-)


  1. Okay, I have never tried this hairspray but I definitely need to. So many people love it!

  2. I just blogged about it! :)


  3. I have never tried this hairspray either, but i just ran out of mine - so I hope I win!!!!

  4. I have heard of that, but never tried it...I need me some BIG sexy hair!


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