Halloween at Hunting Ridge

It's now official!!! It's almost Halloween!!!! Walt and I finally carved pumpkins last night...what fun that was! We each did a little one and a big one...obviously I was the judge and so I won the contest...pictures follow. We did have a minor (or major) bo-bo part way through when Walt did not know his own strength and broke the little green pumpkin carving knife (that he is using in the above pic) so he then proceeded to get a giant drywall saw to carve the pumpkins with!!!!
The pumpkins are as follows.....
Walts smiley face and mustache face.....
and my witch and one tooth pumpkin....

You be the judge!!!!!!!!!
In closing - I got this adorable pic of Angel and Kidrock sleeping together on the chair......soooooo sweet they are hugh???? Who does not love a cat!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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