Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Again this year I went to my sister house in Harrisburg for Thanksgiving! As always, the entire family came with the exception of two people...

My brother was in Japan for work (his wife still came though and brought the kids)
and my niece Jessica was in Texas (her boyfriend was to be deployed to Poland on Dec 9th and they wanted to spend time together before he left). Now, after the fact, we have also learned that they had decided to be married at the Justice of the Peace and no one knew. So, there is that...as long as she is happy - I am happy!

So, as you can imagine - minus only two - it was an awesome time spent with family, counting our blessings and doing the ritual two days of Christmas cookie baking!

This is a very picture heavy post so get prepared...LOL!!!

This is our first Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters house. This is her husbands family on Thanksgiving day.


We had our side of the families Thanksgiving the day after Thanksgiving. I made everyone a turkey as a place setting marker with their initials. I saw the idea from an old friend of mines Facebook! Super cute, right?!?!
The morning after Thanksgiving. my sister had a Pop Up in Athleta for Barre. She is opening a Barre studio in Harrisburg if you are interested!!!
And then the baking fun begins...here is shift one...both of my sisters, my mom and dad and my little sisters kids...
Here are the aprons we wear- they have been going strong for many years now!!!
Action shots...we have two ovens going and three mixers at a time...
It was great to have my sisters kids help this year! Usually they unwrap candy for us but this year they were a huge help and did EVERYTHING!
More action shots...that tablecloth on the floor helps a tiny bit with spills, LOL!
 Ball rolling...

These older kids got up a little later than any of us - they are in college so they can really sleep!!! This is my nephew Matthew and his girlfriend Lidia. Once they ate breakfast; they joined in a little too.
 Sister Susan cutting cherries...
We recruited these cuties as soon as they arrived on Friday!!!
Gross but a necessary step...ball rolling...
This is my sisters husband...as you can see he is not into Cookie baking with us....LOL!
So this is the finished table! In the end ...this year we made 195 dozen, 19 varieties for a total of 2342 cookies!
The kids started a game and wanted to finish later in the night but this wonderful kitty Max (my niece Jessica's cat) had other plans! LOL!!!!
Here is my cookie storage at home! I do not have room in my refrigerator for my share of the cookies so they are in a tub outside on my patio! Thank goodness I am on the second floor...do not want to attract bears!!!
Love this picture!!! Everyone was ready for a chill night after cookie baking was completed!

I truly hope you all had a Thanksgiving as blessed as mine! HUGS!

Will you please share with me your Thanksgiving memories from this year!!??!?!?!


  1. Love all the family!!! Glad there is a home to hold everyone :)
    & those turkey cupcakes. I need to remember those!

    1. They were super easy - the hardest part was trying to find candy corns for the feathers which is why we opted for M&M's! HA HA! Have a fantastic week Rebecca Jo!

  2. I'm so jealous of that huge kitchen to make cookies in!

    1. It is my sisters house - that is why we go there! Her kitchen is amazing!!!! Two ovens help too! Have a great week Julie!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time. Very nice.

  4. What a fabulous Thanksgiving that you had! Best wishes to your niece and new husband! The cookie making marathon looked incredible. Wow!

  5. Looks like a very happy thanksgiving :) Hope the rest of your holidays are going well too!


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