Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sugarcreek Ohio Trip

A few weeks ago my friend and myself rented a house on VRBO in Sugarcreek, Ohio for the weekend. My friend Laura had never been there and is intrigued by the Amish lifestyle. 
This is a picture of the road trip there. It is only about two hours from my house.  Laura had to work Friday so she worked while I drove! LOL!
Here is the kitchen of the cabin we stayed at. It was called "Slice of Heaven" in Sugarcreek, Ohio if anyone is looking for a place to rent. We got one side of the cabin for ourselves and there was another couple in the other side. It was clean and comfy for the weekend. 
Here is a look through the main area of the cabin back through the bathroom and bedroom. The couch pulled out so we took turns - each had one night on the bed and then one night on the couch. LOL!  
This is Day one of shopping in town... 
This was a cute little shop-things you will never find anywhere else!!!
This was in the museum we is a sewing chair!!! They should still make these - how handy is this!?!??!?!
This is a town near where my parents grew up!!!
Here is a plate from the museum.  I love this town because this is my heritage. I am Swiss and my Great grandmother came here from Switzerland and settled a few towns away from Sugarcreek.
A goofy picture...
This is the world's largest cuckoo clock!!! 
Here we are at dinner! This is why I always take pictures of the menu. I can not remember the name of this restaurant to save my life! The girl at the museum recommended it and it was GREAT!  
Fried cheese curds - there is NOTHING better! 
My dinner - fish and sweet potato fries - also a side of cauliflower!!! 
We got to dine with Amish families!  Outside of the restaurant there were so many horse buggies. A lot of Amish people eat in the town and it was really cool to see them out to dinner as a family. 
This is the view in the back of the cabin. It was early in the morning and the sun rise looked so pretty!!!
Shopping, shopping and more shopping! We bought soo much stuff!! We bought cheeses, meats, chocolate and antiques galore!
On Saturday night Laura did not feel well so she took some medicine and went to bed at 6PM. I booked a ticket online for the Amish theater. It was hilarious!! Since I was only one person; I got the best seat last minute. It was the last seat in the third row! SCORE! 

This was the moon when I got back home to the cabin Saturday night! So beautiful out there with no street lights...just God and us!

Here is a shot of the cabin at night from our car. Very cozy and quaint!!!
We spent the next day shopping some more in the morning and then headed for home.
I highly recommend this cozy cabin "Slice of Heaven" if you are looking to stay somewhere in Sugarcreek Ohio. It is far enough away from Sugarcreek to not be in the middle of crowds and  close enough that it is very convenient for going back and forth!
Hugs to you all!
What trips have you taken lately? Ever been to Amish country? Do you enjoy a weekend away shopping (NYC, etc.) or no?  Ever ridden in horse and buggy? HUGS!!!


  1. I would love to see the cuckoo clock. I am not much of a shopper. I would enjoy the Amish food though. Nice write-up of your trip.

  2. My mom has a sewing chair! Lol! The seat lifts up and there's a tray inside with compartments for needles, thread, scissors, buttons, etc. I remember loving to open it and see what was in there when I was a kid. Looks a fun get-away weekend :)

  3. Two or three times a year I visit Waushara County in Wisconsin. Our Amish must be of a stricter sect. No restaurants or plays. The only electricity on the farm here I buy honey, maple and sorghum syrups and horehound candy is for the cash register and that is to comply with state tax laws.

    The Amish recently lost a state court case. All hunters must wear blaze orange during deer hunting season despite religious views on wearing anything but green, blue or brown and no buttons, snaps, velcro or zippers. Even the slow moving vehicle triangle on buggies was a point of contention.

    I am very likely the only non-white person some of the Amish have ever met.

  4. What a fun trip Ann. I love staying in Air B and Bs and VBROs. So fun to find a nice place. And shopping sounds right up my alley.

  5. I've been to Sugarcreek many times. We love being up in that area. The food is great and so is the shopping. Glad you had a really good time. Love the cabin. We've never done that. Usually we just make it a day trip.

  6. It sounds like you had a great trip!

  7. Looks like a lovely trip. I LOVE cheese curds.

  8. That sounds like a fun trip. I would enjoy the shopping. I'll have to look that up and see how far it is from here

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  10. What an interesting town and I never associated Amish with humour. I'm sure the time away did good things for your mind.

  11. It has been years since my last really true visit to Amish country. What a great weekend you had and what a beautiful place to stay. Not a shopper, but it would make a great place to get away with friends and stitch. Last trip was to Lewisburg, PA (in October) for a stitching weekend.

  12. What a quaint little weekend getaway! (I need one :P)

  13. Love little get aways!!
    UMMM... I think I need a sewing RECLINER. I couldnt sit in that chair for long :) LOL

  14. What a very beautiful town. Very nice.


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