Monday, October 31, 2016

Variety Halloween Party

Every year my company sponsors a Halloween party for a children's charity called Variety.  This year was no exception. The theme this year was Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin Patch...

As you will see each year just keeps getting better and better...

Here are previous years posts that I was able to find...


And here is this years pictures and post!!! It was truly awesome this year! We decorate the entire cafeteria at work each year! Here are pictures of the tables and windows in the cafeteria..

This is a giant inflatable Grimm Reaper with his horse carriage that was added this year next to the DJ booth (yes, you read right...the DJ booth!)

A close up of the window clings...our companies print shop made all of these clings...
A local university in our area (University of Pittsburg) donated these murals to us free of charge. There were about eight in total. They were huge murals that the students from an Intro to Art class painted. They are all AMAZING!

Soooo super cute!!!

Another mural and the windows with the cobwebs...I helped add those :-)

One of our employees made these centerpieces for every table! Amazing right?!?!

And our Science Making Sense Team made this huge (all wooden) dog house for the kids to walk through!!! It was awesome!

Here is the graveyard I worked on at the entrance to the event...

Another new inflatable to greet the children and their families on their way in!!!

This is the picture room! Every kid comes in here with their family and gets a group photo to take home as a keepsake! This is my favorite part of the event and the families love it! Three more of the donated murals appear here as a backdrop...
Super adorable...right? There is another of those donated murals hanging up in the middle of the photo below...

A little hallway shot....

Another mural at the entrance...I wanted to make sure to get a shot of them all as they were so cute and it was so thoughtful for them to donate these to us after all of their hard work!

The hallway on the way to the picture room! Not a square inch of the building goes un-decorated!!!

Here is a panoramic shot of the entire cafeteria!

This is a shot of me and my friend from work! I am on the left of the picture (dressed as Charlie Brown from the movie. He could not figure out where to put the eye holes - HA HA) and Kathy is pigpen. It's hard to tell but she dirtied up her sheet - LOL!!! We were greeters for the event!

And these cookies were made by Parkhurst (Eat and Park Company) for us for the party! Seriously, how could you eat this?! Adorable right?!?

It was such a great day! 

Due to confidentiality issues I am not allowed to show the kids....but, I assure you....our cafeteria was FILLED with smiles all day from the kids and their families...and all of us volunteers as well! What an awesome day that I am privileged to volunteer for every year! I swear it makes me so happy and fills my heart with joy!

Whats your favorite charity? 

What are you for Halloween this year?
What is your favorite candy?

Happy Halloween!!!!!


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    1. It is alwasy so much fun Julie! The highlight of my year and the kids LOVE it!


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