Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Late Labor Day 2016 Recap

Labor Day recap a little late! Labor Day was spent at my parents house on Lake Mohawk! It was Mom's Birthday and Sara's birthday (my sis in law) and of course lots of boating to close out the season this year...sadly summer has to end :-(

Here is a collage that sums up a lot of the holiday weekend - cornhole games, water fun, and birthdays.

Matt taking some of the kids for a jet ski ride...Check out those little posers - they crack me up!

A little kayak play! The kids play in these things for HOURS!

Cousins just hanging out...

Happy birthday to the worlds best Mom...

Kids playing on the tube!!! They are getting so brave! This is the first year they tried to stand up or not hold on - HA!

Another action shot of the acrobatics...

Kyleigh Showing her MAD skills...

Doing a dead crab imitation we think - HA

Corn hole games - Brody loves this game and will beg people to play ALL DAY!
What a great Holiday weekend filled with family and fun! Such a shame the this holiday means summer is over :-(


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