Tuesday, October 25, 2016

SH Vacation 2

I have been a bad, bad blogger!!

I am not sure what happened. Maybe I just needed a break...there is so much chaos and uncertainty right now in my life and I guess I just turned inward. 

BUT...I AM BACK...it is going to be a lot of work to catch you up!

Let's back up to vacation! Vacation?!?!?! I know, right? Back in July I went on a second trip to Stone Harbor, NJ with my brother and his family and never even told you about it! WOWSA!

Here's the recap!

The craft show was the weekend we were there! It is a HUGE deal down there! There are hundreds of vendors and really cool stuff to purchase. Here are my niece and nephew trying out the old fashioned thread maker. Pretty cool, right? This woman makes her own yarn and then knits with it!

She let them both sit and try the machine - they were in awe!

Here's a little family shot! That is my little brother, his wife and their two kids and me popping in from the bottom to photo bomb!

I missed all my kids while I was on vacation but I know they are always well taken care of by the cat sitters I hire! They are awesome - shout of to Pam and Leah!!

We went to the Cape May County Zoo and it was terrific. It is free and you can donate if you want. Free Zoo?!??! Yes, and it is great also! The lions were my favorite!!! Sooooo super cute when they were snuggling!

Another shot of the whole family!

So much to see...here is a collage of all the animals we saw! Remember, it was free! If you are ever in the area, you should go - I loved every second and the kids did too!

Beautiful beach sunset.....I can never get enough of these!!!!!!
And another....
Here is a little sand play....

This is the night I got to watch the kids and my brother and his wife had adults night out. They were home by 9 - LOL! Me and the kids went to town and picked out a treat!

This is the family burial...HA!  

Just the kids covered!

We went looking for shells and got this adorable shot!
A little miniture golf anyone?!?!

Went for a jog across the Stone Harbor drawbridge and got this shot while running...
What a great week we had! Perfect weather and family! If you read Matt:thanks for allowing me to come along with your family! I loved spending time with the kids and also you and Sara!      

I hope you all have a great rest of your day!



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