Monday, October 31, 2016

What a Weekend!

Wowsa! It was a jam backed and event-filled weekend for me and my family! Mom and Dad went to Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh on Thursday night to see Carol Burnett! My siblings and I bought them the tickets for their birthday this year.  They sent us all a text with this picture saying thank you!Are they not the world's most adorable parents?!?!

I spent Saturday at the BF's house cleaning up the yard, splitting firewood and playing with a BIG bonfire! If you know me at all, you know there is no where I would rather be on a beautiful day than outside working in the yard! Since I do not yet have a yard, I play in his! HA! 

BTW: It was 80 degrees and beautiful here in Pittsburgh on Saturday...I hope everyone had beautiful weather like we did!!!

Saturday night was pumpkin carving!!! My favorite thing to do at Halloween! The BF not as excited but he was definitely into it as soon as we got started! His is the bat on the left and the other two are mine!

I got a text on Saturday that my sweet niece fell and fractured her tibia...she also torn her ACL and a bunch of other tendons and ligaments!Poor thing! They sent me this picture...I immediately wanted to puke! Poor thing has got to be in pain!! UGH!

And then this picture nephew had a homecoming dance and he sent her this picture of him and his date while she was in the hospital with my niece. Are they not the cutest?! I think the girls dresses get shorter and tighter every year! LOL! The fact that I even think that says that I am getting old, hugh?!   LOL!

And now for the DIY section of my blog...LOL!!!

Sunday morning was spent fixing my tub faucet. I could not turn it off anymore...that is a serious problem! It was a workout to be able to shut the water off!! So I googled "what is wrong if you can not turn off your tub water". I followed the online video HERE and replaced the cartridge in the faucet and it works now! It turns off so easily and does not drip at all!

Then I went back over to the BF's house.  His garbage disposal stopped working a few weeks ago and he has not had time to have someone come look at it. So, I googled "how to fix a garbage disposal" and walked through the steps in THIS video and it worked! I actually fixed his garbage disposal! The hardest part was finding the breaker to turn off the disposal. Anyone can fix things!! I am kinda amazed at myself lately!!!  I am happy to say...he is too! HA!

Finally...this is how the weekend and my kitties cuddled in bed! I am one blessed girl...breath right and all! HA!   
I hope everyone has an amazing week!!  Please pray for fast healing for my niece if you have a second...thanks!!! 

Anyone else give up most of their bed to their fur babies?
How was your weekend?
Anyone else love DIY projects?
Pumpkin carving your thing?

Happy Monday!


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    1. The BF was the old one again...but he is gone already again! He is EXACTLY the same...UGH! What was I thinking.
      moving on..

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