Thursday, October 27, 2016

Great Race and Dads Birthday

So excited for this post!!! As I mentioned in my last family was in town! Yippee!! We are very close and this was over the top exciting for me! As if that was not was also The Great Race weekend and my fathers birthday!!! 

Every year my family runs in The Great Race in Pittsburgh. It is always in the fall and it is always such a great time! The race is a 10K through the streets of the city. It is so fun to get to run the streets of the city and  so many people participate. I don't care what anyone says...Pittsburgh is the friendliest city ever and I will not leave ever!!! Except to go live on a beach in Aruba of course! HA - Love my city and my people!!!

My mother runs with us every year. She is now 74 and she has actually placed in the top three every year for the past few years. We tease her about it all the time but I think it is awesome for myself and my nieces and nephews to see how healthy and fit she is!!! Sadly, she decided to watch and not run this year :-(  She said she needed a break...

So, this year it was my two sisters, my brother and myself.  Here are my sisters and I at the start...looking fresh right?!?! HA!

And all four of us at the start...

Me and my older sister...she did not really think I would post this in my blog....HA HA!

This is a view of the crowd at the start that were waiting behind us...

And the view of the crowd in front of us!! The excitement was awesome...
Our obligatory picture at the top of the hill near the end. We are about a mile away from the finish at this point.

After the race, we all changed and went to the Crafty Jackalope near my home to watch the Steelers game and celebrate my fathers 74th birthday. If you are in the Bridgeville area and have never been there you need to try it! I promise you will thank me! AMAZING food and amazing prices! Sooo yummy! This is all the grand kids gathered around my Dad and the cake while singing! He is such an amazing Grandfather and Father!!!

And a shot of the other side of the table! (L to R: My brother, sister, brother in law and other sister) I have to sister LOVES her bumblebee jersey and I am personally not a fan at all.  I think they look horrible on the players! Well, these are officially retired and the team will not wear them anymore. I am so happy about this! Not sure why she likes it?!?!
It was a great day and the Steelers won which made it an even better day!!!! It was sad to see my Mom not want to run however, I am so glad that everyone still makes it to Pittsburgh comes together for the race day! I would be really sad if this tradition ever goes away!!!

I wish you all a day filled with everything you need! 


Anyone have any race day rituals or traditions?

Anyone else not a fan of the bumblebees?


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