Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Donna

I cannot beleive I never posted this! I left it in draft and I HAVE to post! I had an awesome night out last week with two of  my two favorite girls!!!  

It was a Girls Night Out for Donna's birthday! She is an amazing woman and friend! She gives me guidance and direction in my life often and it is SOOO appreciated! I am proud to call her my Sponsor and Friend!!

We went to her favorite place...Saga!!! Here is our entertainer and chef!!!

Making the signature onion volcano!!!

He did a little I HEART U with the noodles and rice!! LOL

This is the best group shot we got!!! Love these girls!!!

Oh, and by the way, I decided to take myself out on a date! So I am taking myself to the Pens playoff game next week!!!!!!!!

YIPPEE for me!!! Best date ever!

So very true....LOL!

I hope everyone has an awesome week!!!


  1. I love those places, looks like fun!

    1. It was great! I get a little sick right after - LOL! Too much butter I think but they sure are delicious!!


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