Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Little Sports, A Little Hike and A Lot Of Love

I had to honor of traveling to Columbus, Ohio this weekend to spend time with the youngest of my nieces and nephews! My family is amazingly close and I love that! My niece had a soccer tournament and we all went to watch that! Along with soccer we also got to see many exciting games of baseball and softball!

Here is my nephew at his baseball game running to be safe on first base!

And my niece at her softball practice...gotta love the hot pink shorts and bat! What you can't see is that her bag has a hot pink Nike stripe! TOTAL coordination for this Diva!

Here is the main reason we were there to watch! My niece playing goalie at her soccer tournament!

And - as if there were any doubt - her team won the WHOLE kit-an-caboodle!!!! Yea~~~!

This is just one of MANY hilarious pictures I find on my phone after a trip to Columbus! Love these kids!

We decided on a family hike for Sunday with my brothers family and my parents. We hiked a trail at Highbanks Park called Overlook Trail - when you get to overlook on the trail, you can see a bald eagles nest! Majorly cool! Here is me leaning over a bridge railing so you can see how high up we were along the hike! LOL!

At the overlook, without binoculars, here is the view. I circled the nest in the picture below. Note to self - next hike take binoculars! HA HA  - Here is a link to the Camera they have pointed on the nest from the overlook!

It was mothers day so it was very fitting that I got a good photo with my Mommy!! I have the best Mom ever - LOVE her soo much!!!!

Here is my brother and his adorable family - minus his little boy - he was probably hanging on Poppy!

And lastly, a little snippet of my and my sister-in-law and niece!

We had a great weekend and I am so grateful for my family! They are and always will be my favorite people! I am sooooo blessed!

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