Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Permanent Lip Liner and Blend at Copsmetic Solutions

Before I fill you in on my latest beauty adventure, I want to set the stage. I have always been that person who said I want to love myself the way God made me. For the person I am. With all of the features he gave me. Just the way he made me. Well, that's still true, however since I've now passed the age of 40, I've had some friends make some non-surgical modifications that are awesome and I decided that maybe I could just get some little enhancements. I'm worth it, right?!?!

My latest beauty adventure was recommended to me by someone at a spa I frequent.  I was complaining about how much trouble I have lining my lips and keeping lipstick on. BTW - I was not born with any lips. They are very small and very colorless. LOL - but seriously. My lipstick always ends up on my teeth, clothes or hands instead of on my lips where it belongs. My lip liner, just a sad state of affairs! UGH. She mentioned that a friend of hers just got permanent lip liner and lip stain and loves it! She recommended Cosmetic Solutions as the most talented and recommended place she had heard of in the South Hills of PA. 

So, I mulled over it a few weeks and finally called to look into it. I asked over the phone for pricing and some details about what the procedure entails. The person that answered the phone was extremely knowledgeable, answered all of the questions I had and set me up for my appointment the following week. My appointment was booked with Heather Hunter, she has been practicing her art of permanent make up, etc. for over six years now and is extremely skilled and talented. Her sister Rachel who started Cosmetic Solutions has been practicing her art for over 16 years! They both came so highly recommended - I knew I was in good hands! As soon as I posted the company on Facebook, I had multiple people say that they had gone there for procedures and loved everything they had done!

On the day of my appointment I showed up about 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. In the lobby they have a photo album that has pictures of previous clients and I was able to use it to select the look I wanted for my lip liner and fill.

Heather was so sweet and immediately made me feel comfortable and answered any and all questions I had! Even some I did not know I had! She put numbing cream on my lips and we let that sit for about 15 minutes. We then went back into the procedure room. Beautiful and comfortable and very private.

Here is my before picture she took (see, no lips) HA…

She showed me the tools she would use (always a new needle), helped me pick my color and got me comfortable in the chair. She began by outlining my lips. I would compare the needle pinch to a sting and the more she went around the less the sting hurt...kind of like when you pluck your eyebrows. After the first time lining all the way around she then filled in the lip area with some color. That inside lip area did not hurt much at all. 

Next Heather applied more numbing cream and we waited another 15 minutes. She then repeated the process of outlining the lips and filling in the color on the inside as well. This process was repeated three times total. Here are the pictures after all three rounds.  The first is without Vaseline and the second is with.  It is recommended that you keep only Vaseline on your lips for the first week.

The color will not stay this dark. The color will start to disappear and peel off and it will look like you did not have anything done.  Then, depending on your body and its healing rate, the color will within a week or two begin to show back up again.

I love the color she selected for me and my skin tone and any little bit of pinching is worth the result I got! I roll out of bed with beautifully lined and defined lips without doing anything!

This procedure lasts for over a year and then some people will need to come back in for touch ups. The touch ups are much less than the initial procedure in cost. I am so happy with my new lips and the ease of my new makeup routine! This girl that used to say "who needs procedures" is ready to call and schedule her permanent eyeliner and brow shading next!! 

Here is the final picture with Heather and I after the procedure...I love this woman and my new lips!


Do yourself a favor and give it a shot! You will love it I swear! These two woman are truly artists that can enhance the beauty that you have been given and save you so much time in the morning with your beauty routine. Not to you money in cosmetic products that need replaced every three months! And, support a small, local business!!


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