Monday, May 23, 2016

GOTR Columbus 5K

I spent last weekend with my family! We all went to Columbus to enjoy a little family together time and a little race time!

This is the welcome my sister and I got when we arrived! A welcome banner in chalk that covered the WHOLE driveway! Awesome!!!

 We started the weekend by going to a few games of soccer for this little cutie! She had a tournament and played A LOT this past weekend!

Sitting in the rain and enjoying soccer!! LOL!

This is Saturday morning! We were all registered to run in the Girls on the Run 5K in Columbus! It was both of my nieces first 5K's and they killed it! This is my sister and her running buddy my niece!

And my other sister and my other niece (her daughter)...

 This is a group shot with our running buddies! Basically Girls on the Run pairs up one girl with one runner that goes at their pace so the girl is never running alone! You can encourage the child and also just plain keep them safe!

Girls on the Run also tries to show that exercise and running is fun! The girls wear removable tattoos and color their hair - they also wear tutus and design their own shirts!!! So cute! 

My other nieces hair...

So stinkin cute!

The matching rainbow Dash sock girls!!

This is the view of the Start right before we took off! There was a light drizzle the whole morning but the crowd was so excited!

And the crowd behind us.... it was packed!

 Our group!!!!

And we finished!!! Aly and Kyleigh's first bling!! Love running for medals! HA! My niece did great and did not complain ONCE!  If anyone is looking for volunteer options this is a great one! Almost every school has the program and you can volunteer to be a running buddy there!

The exhausted car on the trip home - LOL!!!

 Sunday was spent watching more games! We got to to see my other nieces soccer game!!! Pink number 12!

So cute!!!!!

 And my nephews soccer tournament - they won! WHOOP!

Thanks for reading!

Anyone running their first 5K, 10K? Anyone else a running buddy?

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I wish everyone a great week!!!


  1. Back when I was running every day I used to do the Charity App and do Girls on the run. I looked up to see if they had one anywhere near us and the nearest one is not near lol. To start a new one it's like $5000. Crazy! That's cool that your nieces got to participate in one near them.

    1. I thought they were free to start! Wowsa - that is crazy! The girls loved it...they had such a great time in the middle of the race excitement! What a shame they do not make it easier to start one :-(

    2. It's probably to get all the legal stuff done in case someone gets hurt and all that.


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