Monday, November 23, 2015

Stridebox November

Hi everyone!!! Happy Monday!  How was your weekend? I really hope it was fun and enjoyable! Is it just me or is it totally amazing how fast the weekends go?!?!? WOWSA!

I got my favorite subscription box in the mail! Stridebox! Yippee!! Even though I am on a running break until I find out what to do about this torn meniscus, I love this sub box so much that I am not going to discontinue it! I will just have a lot of fun fuel and products to try in a few months, right?!

Any of you runners out there that have not seen this yet, you need to check it out! I love everything EVERY MONTH!

So - here it is!!!

And the awesomeness that is the contents of the box!!

This comes with each box. It explains where to purchase the item and the cost to purchase a full size product.

Each month is an awesome product for runners! This month is the waterproof gear bag! Seriously awesome!!!!

This nutrition bar. I ate this at work for lunch the other day. It was delish!

A little sample of running fuel! The pumpkin spice sure sounds amazing!

And another fuel - this on is a gel which I prefer!

This is actually the flavor of my favorite gel packet so I am guessing that these fuel bites are going to be incredible!!! I cant wait to try these whenever I start training again! Yummo!

 Some vitamin water packets...I will try these at work...only 5 calories for vitamin and energy water. Nice!

I am drinking this as I type! I think it is working - ha ha!

Every box has a sticker too! I love these! I am saving them up for something - not sure what yet...maybe a medal mural...any ideas!?

I hope everyone has an awesome week! I am knee deep in Turkey dinner prep!! HA HA!

Anyone else stressing about Thanksgiving dinner? Anyone else cooking their first one this year? Any ideas for my running stickers?

Happy Monday!


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