Friday, November 13, 2015

My Five!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! 

I am so so very excited to announce that I will be assisting (which means probably organizing 90% ha) of my BF's Thanksgiving Dinner for his family! Yeah me and yeah us! This will be his first year hosting dinner for his family at his house since his divorce (sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews and his children). I am over the top excited for this dinner! But, since he has been a bachelor for so long there are a lot of things we need to purchase in order to host a nice family dinner. He has mismatched dishes, plastic cups and ZERO tablecloths! I am going to join in with the Friday 5 link-ups to brainstorm what he needs to buy for this dinner! HA HA

1. Glasses!  We will be hosting 16 people (us included) and I think he has about 8 GLASS glasses and the rest are mismatched plastic.  We definitely need to find some nice glasses!

These look perfect!!!

2. Placemats!  Again, he has none and we are hosting a lot of people so I think it is only appropriate we get a place mat for everyone,,,right?

These are really nice!

3. Tablecloth! I think he has one tablecloth that could be a little Thanksgivingly (is that a word?? HA). The problem is that we will be having two tables of people so we definitely are going to need two matching tablecloths.  I love this one!!

4. Plates!  I think we will go with classy plastic dishes this year. I hate to have him buy dishes and have nowhere to store them all year so I think I am going to recommend to him that we do what my family does. We use the pretty plastic ones...high end of course - HA! (Update: I just bought these!!!)

5. Turkey and Stuffing Fixins: Last but definitely not least, we are supplying the turkey and stuffing and everyone else is bringing side dishes. We need to go make our frozen turkey purchase this weekend!  I love cooking turkey with the traditional sage stuffing my Mom makes! I am so excited for this dinner!
I made him a fall wreath last weekend for the front door already but I think I also need to pick up some decorations for around the house....see, way more than just five things but it has helped me to think about it a little!

What are all of you doing for Thanksgiving?

Cooking or eating out? With family or enjoying quiet alone time?

Traditional stuffing or does your family like the new-fangled recipes??

Join in on the link up fun with the ladies below!!!!

Oh Hey Friday with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife.


  1. Fun, fun! I love planning for parties :)

    1. I know Julie! I actually never really hosted a party or holiday dinner and it is turning out to be SO much fun! I am surprised how much I love this stuff!!

  2. it will be a fantastic dinner.

    1. Thanks Denise! I sure hope so!! It is my test with his family I think - LOL!

  3. It will be a great day! Hosting is always a lot of work but so much fun! Thanks for sharing at Attitude of Gratitude! We hope you'll join us next week!

    1. Thank you Holly for hosting Attitude of Gratitude! What a great idea to have everyone think of the positives in the lives instead of the negatives!! I know I appreciated it! Thank you again!

  4. Sounds like you have the dinner under control! Love the things you've picked out.

    1. Aw thanks Penny! I sure hope so! We are going to look for some plants to "de-bachelor" the house a little also. Hopefully the little things will go a long way in case the turkey is a bomb! HA HA


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