Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Need a New Therapist!

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a great week! We are halfway there!

Anyone out there a REALLY good listener or certified therapist?!


I hate writing this post! It makes me face reality which, right now, is not all that awesome as far as running goes!

Running has actually become a really amazing stress-buster for me. It helps me get rid of frustration and anger and also really helps me focus and zone in on the positives in my life and also the things I need to take a look at changing!

Basically - - - it's my therapy!

Well, about two months before the half marathon I just finished, I "tweeked" my knee. I was at a Cardio HipHop class and my knee kind of just gave out when I landed on it wrong I guess.

I did not want to bail on the Hershey Half-marathon so I kept training and getting in all my scheduled runs but my knee felt unstable and hurt a little at night.

After the marathon I went for X-rays and MRIs and I have now found out that I have a torn medial meniscus and a Bakers Cyst :-(

I have googled it and they look nasty!  The cyst is what was causing the ligament to snap behind my knee and it is a horrible, shooting pain when it happens.

Long story, short...I could not get in for a consult with the surgeon until the end of December!!! UGH!!!! Until then, it is walking only! What?!?!?!

The hardest thing is that I am able to eat the way I want because of running and now I foresee a future of veggies only - it will be salads UNTIL the end of the year?!?!? UGH!!!!

Anyone else out there ever dealt with this? Or know someone that has? How long is recovery? Can I ever run again? 

Your experience, strength and hope is welcome!!!!!

Thank in advance guys! I will keep you posted :-(


  1. My friend had a Baker's cyst and something else. She seemed to recover really quickly.

    1. I sure hope so Julie! It is killing me already to not run! HA
      I cant even get in for a consult until December and then still have to have the surgery! UGH
      Oh well, I am grateful I can at least walk! Salads will be my new best friend!
      Hope you are well! Have a great rest of your week!

  2. bless your heart, praying for you.

    1. Thanks Denise - I need the prayers and I will take them!
      Have a great week!!!!

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  4. Could you do something like running in a pool? Hope you heal quickly?


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