Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Little of This and a Little of That

Hi everyone! This is truly going to be a random post with a little of this and that from my cell phone pictures!  

This was me yesterday getting ready for my MRI. I have to say that the reason I took this selfie is that instead of a gown with a WIDE OPEN BACK I got disposable scrubs to wear! Yea me! They were awesome compared to the robes!! Loved it! Hopefully by the end of the week I will know what is wrong with my knee and why it keeps popping out of place - OUCH!

I made this wreath for the BF!!! He decided that he is going to host Thanksgiving dinner for his family at his house on Thanksgiving.  Needless to say, he has ZERO decorations! So I looked on Pinterest and found a wreath that I loved and attempted it!   I think it turned out great...mine is directly below shown hanging on the white door. Now for the menu?!?!?!? WOWSA - talk about stressful!!

And this is the Pinterest version I was going for...I actually like mine better!!! Yea - Pinterest win!!!

This is a random shot of a normal day at the BF's house! He has two 3-legged dogs and his daughter randomly watches her BF's dog so it is like a giant slumber party for all three when they are together!!! They had to share the sunny patch of light! HA

I hope everyone has an amazing HALFWAY through day!!

Have you all alread made your Thanksgiving Day plans? Will you be hosting or eating out maybe? 

I would love ideas and comments with your favorite recipe ideas or dishes as this is my first time hosting a Thanksgiving Day dinner!


  1. praying for your knee. that wreath is very lovely. we will bbe eating thanksgiving dinner with my inlaws.

    1. Hi again Denise! Thanks for makes my day! It sounds like you will have a happy and family filled Thanksgiving day!! I am sure you treasure time with your family too. No work yet on the knee results :-(
      Have a great day!


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