Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nature in full swing

Today's post will cement the idea that it is finally Spring in Pittsburgh!!!

I put up my hummingbird feeders and look who I saw visiting yesterday?!?!? Two of them actually! Love these little guys - and they are back - YEA!!!

And another view - aren't they so cute?!? I will get some new ones today with the screen open so you can actually see them better and not the screen grid - ha!

There are two nests at my BF's house...they were actually from last year and I told him that they would not use them however, I have again been proven very wrong! He insisted we leave them there and they came in and added a little grass and laid a few eggs already!!! Cant wait to see these baby robins...

And on the note of babies: Look at these little guys! This was also a nest from last year (proven wrong TWICE!) and the little babies are hatching...I think it is a little warbler bird but we are going to work on identifying mom soon so I can report for sure what the babies are! Literally just hatching!!

 So excited for Spring and Summer in Pittsburgh!

What do you like most about Spring? Do you love birds or hate birds - I am pretty sure there is no middle ground - HA!

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1 comment:

  1. How cool! I like the birds but I don't like the doves. Their hoo hooing drives me nuts lol


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