Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Searching For A New "Normal"

I am currently searching for my new "normal"!!

My normal used to be working out like crazy EVERY night and focusing on me and that was awesome for a period of time. Now, I have met a special someone and I am still trying to figure out how he plays into my life, my decisions and my fitness to be really honest.

When I was single and had nowhere to go and nothing to do it was easy to focus on working out three hours a night and losing weight. I wanted to feel better,. look better and BE better.

Then I met him! Now I already feel better (he tells me I am attractive just the way I am) and I know I have lost enough weight that I look okay (but I want to get to my goal weight) but the scale is slowly creeping the wrong way! That is NOT okay! I worked so hard to get the weight off that I am not starting over! So, Here we go!

Yesterday was DAY ONE of the 21 Day Fix! I am excited that I started and I am currently starving but I am sure that I will adjust in a day or so! Right???!?!

After just one day, with the measured portions of food and the daily workout supplied by the 21 Day Fix, I have realized that my portion size is fiercely out of control and my exercise has gone from three hours a night to about 1 hour a week!!! The total body workout last night kicked my butt-it did not help that I did it REALLY late when I got home from his house too though.

So, how will I squeeze this all in? I think I have it figured out now! 

New normal day...work at 6AM...no lunch and head home at 2PM. Tanning on the way home and arrive at home at 3PM. Do the workout for the day at 3PM and then head over to see him at 4 or 4:30 when he gets home. Work in his yard planting and weeding and hanging out, etc. and then out to a healthy and measured dinner and home by 9PM. Shower and in bed by 9:30PM or 10PM. That should be do-able - at least for 21 days, right?!?!?

Lets see if we can get this scale moving in the right direction again and be happy in a relationship too!!!! Why should it have to be one or the other?

Please Comment: Anyone else have any experience with "happy eating"? How do you all balance your significant other, kids, job, activities? This is hard and it is only me so I cannot imagine what you other women go through!!!

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  1. Good luck! It's hard to do it all. I did the best when I was really selfish lol

  2. The fitting everything in is my struggle, too. I have so little time away from work to be with my family that I hate sacrificing any, but I know that I have to to make a better, healthier me. Keep it up!


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