Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites and 5 on Friday

Happy Friday!!! YEA! It has been a terribly busy and long week~~~I am so glad the weekend is ALMOST here!

Before I do anything else...PLEASE enter my Birthday Month Giveaway!! Hardly anyone is entered and it is for a $25 gift card for Starbucks...who does not want one of those? I guess lots of you - ha ha! Enter HERE soon!

Well, on to the important stuff!!!

It is time for Five on Friday and Friday Faves!!! YEA!

1. I got this little gem in my last Stridebox. Stridebox is a monthly sub box that sends you fun fuel and toys that relate to running! This is the greatest subscription box there is - I swear! If you run or even walk/jog - you will love the stuff in the box!! Only $10 a month! This ball is great to roll my feet on at work under my desk - it is my new favorite thing!

2. I got this iPhone case on sale at Hobby Lobby (clearance actually for $2.99) figuring I would give it to someone else - I have a lot of friends that love Hello Kitty...but I decided it is so cute that I have to use it myself! LOVE LOVE!

3. I was sent this new favorite in one of my other subscription boxes, I think Ipsy and I loved it so much that I ran out to Sephora the next day and bought the full size one! It is only around $18 for the full size and it makes your lips soooo soft and it also smells amazing!!! You will love it - I promise! You can get it HERE!

4. This is a new favorite as of yesterday afternoon! My Birchbox for May arrived and this was inside and I am in love! It smells amazing and leaves my hands soooooo soft!! Where have you been all my life?!?! I will be hitting up Amazing today for a LARGE bottle of this!

5. And last but not least...I am loving my wireless keyboard! This magnetically attaches to my iPad and allows me to type like the iPad is a laptop computer! It is great! As a blogger I am sure you can understand what a game changer this is for me! YEA! Love it! I got it at Costco and it was really reasonable too! You can purchase one HERE too!

I hope everyone has an amazing Friday night and weekend too!!!

I cannot wait to read about everyone's Friday favorites!


  1. One of the girls I did the half with had one of those balls. I am going to buy one, it is great!

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