Monday, September 22, 2014

MIMM - Fun-filled Weekend and Happy Mistakes

Today I found an awesome new (new to me that is!!) blog to link up with!

I am linking up with Katie for MIMM (Marvelous In My Monday). I love finding new link ups and meeting new and awesome bloggers to follow!

What a fun-filled weekend I had - amazeballs!!!

It started off with a little of this...

Of course I look nothing like that when I do it but you get the idea of how my Saturday morning started out! HA

Then I made my way to Ohio for some awesome fun hanging out with some of my favorite people - MY FAMILY!!!!

I got to my parents house and their cat was so sick :-(

My mother and I took her to the emergency vet where she proceeded to get an enema (never heard of this for a cat) and then she was good to go. I created this bit strip while sitting in the waiting area for two hours during this process!  Poor little thing was plugged up!

We then spent Sunday at church and at a local Oktoberfest Picnic which was great! Here is a picture of the kids waiting to get into one of the three bounce houses they had set up for rides.

And this is the ski show they lakes Ski Club put on! It is always so much fun to watch!

They have so many seriously talented skiers!  Here is a girl doing a back bend over a man skiing! Pretty awesome!

And I am not sure how I survive the rest of the year when these are not in season! I love Fall for this reason only!!!!!!! Caramel Apple Pops!!!!!!!!!!! YUM x 100!!!!!!!!!

I am not sure why I never tried these before! I bought them accidentally and they are truly amazing! I know they sound awful (I totally agree) but you HAVE to try them! I promise you will totally thank me!

Yummy mistake!!!!!!!

Happy Monday yinz!!!!!!! I cant wait to read everyone else's #MIMM!!!!

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